See what our guests have to say about Riverview Wellness Centre

“I came to Riverview as a chronic patient with Diabetes type 2. The place is wonderful in many ways, giving excellent service day and night. Serving excellent food and superb treatments to improve health to a satisfactory level. I am leaving as a happy and healthy person. After 7 days of stay my sugar levels came to normal, way beyond my expectations”.
— H. D. Taylor
As a Pastor of a 1000 member congregation and a very busy Cathedral, I have been under a lot of pressure. To be able to come for the 7 day program was indeed a blessing. It has been a time for reflection, repentance and redirection, as my body, mind and spirit have received a new life. I am convinced that new life begins at 60!
— Father Charley Thomas, 61 | Anglican Priest, Lusaka
My BP was 160/100 upon arrival, and my stress levels way up high. After 7 days my BP came down to 120/80, I have lost 8 kg and I am not stressed at all. God is wonderful
— Mutinta Sitima, 35 | Lusaka
“A well though-out and planned programme. Totally wholesome, I had a great time”
— Charity Ngandu
On arrival my blood pressure and blood sugar were uncontrolled. After 7 days of counseling and healing I am feeling way better. My numbers are under control.

I used to suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes for more than 15 years. I tried all kind of remedies to get rid of my ill health but to no avail. Within 7 days at Riverview because of regular exercise my weight was reduced from 91 kg to 82 kg. My BP and Sugar levels normalized. I would gladly suggest anyone with the same problems to visit Riverview.
— Margaret Dimingo, 56 | Lusaka
I came here with pain in my back, knees, shoulders and wrists, taking painkillers two times a day. Not able to walk or exercise because of the pain. My blood pressure was out of control. After 7 days, because of the treatments I have lost 4 kg, no pain or painkillers. I am able to walk and jog. Praise God I am whole!
— Jubilee Mutakwua, 72 | Mazabuka

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