Changing lives since 2006

It wasn’t long ago that “experts” claimed that diabetes was irreversible. Yet despite the claims of the experts, Riverview Wellness Centre opened its doors in 2006 with the premise that lifestyle was the answer to the growing epidemic.

Today, our research based lifestyle change programme continues to help hundreds to regain control of their health by changing the very things in their lifestyle that brought about disease.

Who we are

We are Christians seeking to show that God really cares about the wellbeing and happiness of his people. Riverview is a division of Riverside Farm Institute, a non-profit organization.

Meet our team

Copy of Vernon Mweetwa - Lifestyle Coach

Vernon Mweetwa

Lifestyle Coach


Magdalene Malenge

Lifestyle Coach


Gift Chiwisa

Personal Trainer


Judith NG’andu

Head Chef


Victor Cadavid

Wellness Manager


Ruth Kalela

Lifestyle Coach